AI in SEO, digitization of sales processes and e-commerce trends. The seventh edition of eTrade Show is behind us

One of the most dynamically changing industries is e-commerce, which has opened up a completely new shopping perspective for consumers. Experts and market leaders talked about the future of this industry and its development opportunities in AI during the seventh edition of eTrade Show, which took place at Ptak Warsaw Expo on February 13-15, 2024.

eTrade Show is known as a brand that brings together experts and sector leaders who guarantee the most substantive knowledge in the field of e-commerce. However, it is also an international fair that allows you to expand your network of business contacts, acquire valuable leads and establish new contracts. This was also the case during the seventh edition of the event, which enjoyed the presence of 3207 participants and 97 exhibitors-business partners.

AI in SEO, digitization of sales processes and e-commerce trends during the eTrade Show

The success of the events organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo is largely due to the combination of business development, the guarantee of acquiring new customers while combining industry knowledge. It was similar in the case of the eTrade Show, which gathered valued experts and B2B clients ready to invest at one time and place.

The educational aspect of the event was taken care of by the exhibitors themselves during the Presentations and Trends panel. What could visitors learn? Tomasz Tomczyk from PushPushGo and Mikołaj Maciejewski from Magnuso talked about increasing customer satisfaction through efficient communication and how to automate fulfillment, up sell and save abandoned carts. Paweł Kozłowski, CEO of, showed how to cooperate with a marketing agency, and Tomasz Woźniakowski from Packfully revealed what mistakes not to make when running an online store.

In addition, experts focused on, among others, business development on TikTok, the importance of opinions in e-commerce, digitization of sales processes and how to use AI in SEO for greater company profits. There were also lectures on digital currencies in the franchise business, the path to success on Allegro, Alibaba and Amazon, as well as the possibilities of online marketing.

As you can see, every aspect of running an e-commerce business has been touched upon. Thanks to this, visitors to the eTrade Show left the event not only with new, valuable leads, but also with knowledge that will contribute to the development of their enterprises.