10 września 2020
Korzyści dla uczestników
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Praktyczna wiedza z zakresu optymalizacji biznesu
Unikatowe prelekcje oraz konsultacje z ekspertami
Realne oszczędności – oferty specjalne od wystawców
Głosowanie w eCommerce Awards
Poznanie najnowszych trendów oraz analiza rynków konkurencyjnych
Inspiracja oraz sprawdzone i skuteczne rozwiązania
Udział w grze networkingowej
Otrzymasz foto i videorelację z wydarzenia
Exhibitor zone

This is a space where the leading brands from the e-commerce industry will present their solutions and the current offer.

LITE conference

Topic 1: Data is the most valuable currency - even from the Internet

Topic 2: Online campaigns that sell not only online but also offline

Topic 3: Success factors in e-commerce.

Topic 4: Ecommerce advertising for beginners, or how to start selling online without a big budget.

Topic 5: B2B e-commerce where are you going?

All speeches will be in Polish

PRO conference

Topic 1: How the Progressive Web App changes the rules of the game in e-commerce

Topic 2: Expansion of sales on a European scale through the Amazon platform

Topic 3: New life of positioning, or how to use the new model of SEO activities and achieve unrivaled sales growth.

Topic 4: Artificial intelligence and chatbots used in the automation of customer service.

Topic : Viral Loop Hack Marketing

Topic : Do the influencers sell?

All speeches will be in Polish

Business Matching

Dedicated mobile application will help in connecting exhibitors with visitors. Download applications, register and easily connect with event participants.

Networking game

It aims to create conditions conducive to establishing and building long-lasting business relationships, as well as directing visitors to the exhibitors' stands.

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