AI in SEO, digitization of sales processes and e-commerce trends. The seventh edition of eTrade Show is behind us

AI in SEO, digitization of sales processes and e-commerce trends. The seventh edition of eTrade Show is behind us

One of the most dynamically changing industries is e-commerce, which has opened up a completely new shopping perspective for consumers. Experts and market leaders talked about the future of this industry and its development opportunities in AI during the seventh edition of eTrade Show, which took place at Ptak Warsaw Expo on February 13-15, 2024.

eTrade Show is known as a brand that brings together experts and sector leaders who guarantee the most substantive knowledge in the field of e-commerce. However, it is also an international fair that allows you to expand your network of business contacts, acquire valuable leads and establish new contracts. This was also the case during the seventh edition of the event, which enjoyed the presence of 3207 participants and 97 exhibitors-business partners.

AI in SEO, digitization of sales processes and e-commerce trends during the eTrade Show

The success of the events organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo is largely due to the combination of business development, the guarantee of acquiring new customers while combining industry knowledge. It was similar in the case of the eTrade Show, which gathered valued experts and B2B clients ready to invest at one time and place.

The educational aspect of the event was taken care of by the exhibitors themselves during the Presentations and Trends panel. What could visitors learn? Tomasz Tomczyk from PushPushGo and Mikołaj Maciejewski from Magnuso talked about increasing customer satisfaction through efficient communication and how to automate fulfillment, up sell and save abandoned carts. Paweł Kozłowski, CEO of, showed how to cooperate with a marketing agency, and Tomasz Woźniakowski from Packfully revealed what mistakes not to make when running an online store.

In addition, experts focused on, among others, business development on TikTok, the importance of opinions in e-commerce, digitization of sales processes and how to use AI in SEO for greater company profits. There were also lectures on digital currencies in the franchise business, the path to success on Allegro, Alibaba and Amazon, as well as the possibilities of online marketing.

As you can see, every aspect of running an e-commerce business has been touched upon. Thanks to this, visitors to the eTrade Show left the event not only with new, valuable leads, but also with knowledge that will contribute to the development of their enterprises.

The 7th edition of the most substantive event in the e-commerce industry, eTrade Show, is approaching

The 7th edition of the most substantive event in the e-commerce industry, eTrade Show, is approaching

There is no event in Poland that is as valued in the e-commerce industry as the eTrade Show. For many years, it has been gathering the most important experts in the country, promoting substantive discussion and development of the sector. Its next edition will take place on February 13-15, 2024 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

The e-commerce industry is growing year by year. Analysts estimate that in 2023 the value of this sector was over 120 billion zloty. The prospects for the coming months are even more optimistic. Over the next two years, electronic sales are expected to cover as much as 1/5 of retail trade in Poland. There is more and more talk about the role of omnichannel in the sector, as well as the personalization of e-commerce – greater loyalty and better conversion in exchange for an individually prepared price offer. Cross-border – shifting customer preferences towards global stores at the expense of domestic and usually more expensive options – becomes a problem for local markets. The challenges will include not only same-date delivery, but even faster delivery to the consumer.

As you can see, there is no shortage of topics for discussion around e-commerce. The beginning of the year is an opportunity to update the knowledge base and confront solutions with experts while positioning yourself in the industry. The opportunity for this will be the eTrade Show, the seventh edition of which will take place on February 13-15, 2024 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Valued brands at eTrade Show

eTrade Show owes its reputation, among other things, to the fact that it has a valued and trusted group of industry leaders acting as exhibitors during the event. The event organizer relies only on proven partners of high quality.

During the seventh edition of the event, their group will include INEA, Openkoda, Grupa KMK, Kaufland, Selly, COMMERISE, DEFRO,, Żabka, RANK ARCHITECTS, OEX, Spark, Poczta Polska and VS. Their presence is a guarantee of establishing new business relationships, a chance to sign contract agreements, as well as an opportunity to talk about innovations with decision-makers in these enterprises.

Industry education at eTrade Show

One of the distinguishing features of the quality of the eTrade Show from the beginning of its presence on the event map of Poland is substantive education. The seventh edition of the event will also be rich in it. During the E-commerce Industry Congress, experts and industry leaders will talk about the latest trends, innovations, sector automation, the impact of AI and new technologies that increase optimization. There will be many case studies and examples of good practices in the sector.

At the same time, participants will be able to take advantage of Exhibitors’ Presentations and Trends – a panel from entrepreneurs for business clients. During this part of the eTrade Show, you will be able to listen to, among others, Tomasz Kutera, responsible for the Product Growth team in the e-commerce department at Ringier Axel Springer Polska, who will talk about the “Retail Media Revolution. New opportunities in e-commerce”. Przemysław Kalinowski from vSprint will focus on the topic “ Analysis of Winning Offers and Identifying Competitive Success Factors”, and Michał Banasiak from the same company will talk about how to increase profit on Allegro in 2024. Including how to become a leader in your category on Allegro, Oskar Hertman from Pirk Spark will help.

However, these are only a small part of the topics and lectures that will be held during the eTrade Show. The full list of exhibitors and the current schedule can be found on the website

Become an exhibitor:

E-commerce development in the first place. The 6th edition of the eTrade Show

E-commerce development in the first place

The 6th edition of the eTrade Show

eTrade Show is a dynamically developing and extremely substantive event, the sixth edition of which, organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo, focused on the development of the e-commerce industry. An extensive exhibition area and dozens of lectures from experienced industry leaders – these are just some of the elements of the event, which took place on March 2-4, 2023.

Trends in the e-commerce market are constantly changing. Entrepreneurs are creating new ways to be closer to the customer and make their business even more competitive in relation to others. This means that everyone who draws from this sector on a daily basis should keep their finger on the pulse of innovation and benefit from the experience of leaders and experts. The perfect platform for this was the 6th edition of the eTrade Show, the most substantive event in the e-commerce industry in Poland.

The development of e-commerce in the first place, the eTrade Show

For years, the eTrade Show has been an event known for its emphasis on industry knowledge. During this event that the most experienced and successful entrepreneurs share their knowledge during the conference. In 2023, it was no different.

The panel “Development of the e-commerce industry” was devoted to a wide spectrum of topics. Among them were logistics aspects presented by DHL Express Polska, security of online stores (Strix), the role of AI in shaping e-commerce business (Cyber Folks) and how MarketPlace affects the development of online stores – is it a real threat to them.

The eTrade conference was three days filled with lectures on the most important topics for the sector. Among them, a lecture by Adam Bułka from Paypo, referring to why the largest online stores have implemented deferred payments, aroused great interest. The extremely interesting issue of e-commerce expansion to foreign markets was raised by Paweł Kozłowski from Rankarchitects. told about how recommendations support cross-border e-commerce.

In addition, the issues of audits of marketing activities in the industry, cost optimization in the e-shop, cross-border logistics, return policy and business scaling were discussed. The thematic spectrum was so rich that each of the visitors found answers to the most bothering questions. Conferences and lectures also gave the opportunity to conduct individual meetings with lecturers to jointly find the best solutions for a specific activity.

The biggest e-commerce brands at the eTrade Show

Another aspect that attracted the attention of eTrade Show participants was the rich exhibition area. Among the companies that positioned themselves in it were the leaders of the e-commerce sector in Poland and Europe. This group included, among others, AWM PAK,, Eoptimo, Implemo, Media40, Rabe, EMag, EuroHermes, PBMedia,, AmaVat, Rank Architects, Ebury, Profit Crew, TKM Group, Packeta, Venipak, IdoSell or GetResponse.

Their presence (85 exhibitors!) made it possible to talk and meet about new solutions with 2664 visitors to the eTrade Show. Thanks to this, the event was the largest platform for establishing cooperation in the industry in Poland.

The partner of the fair was the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Three days that will change your position in the e-commerce industry. eTrade Show at Ptak Warsaw Expo

Three days that will change your position in the e-commerce industry. eTrade Show at Ptak Warsaw Expo

The eTrade Show is a well-known event in Poland, a leader in the e-commerce industry. Its sixth edition will be exceptional, as it will be held in Ptak Warsaw Expo, the national capital of events. We would like to invite you on 2-4 March 2023.

Are you running an online business and looking for a way to take your business to the next level?
Do you want to make your company’s profits grow by promoting yourself in the online sector?
Do you want to see what you can do to position yourself as high as possible in the search engines thanks to the experience of national and international experts?
Do you run an online shop and are looking for a way to get ahead of the competition?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the eTrade Show is the event for you. It is a comprehensive business event, combining networking aspects with education straight from European leaders. In an era of shifting sales paradigms with an emphasis on online activities, this is a must-attend event for those who want to achieve financial success online.

Online shopping is now a lifestyle

The pandemic was a period that contributed to a significant increase in the market share of online sales compared to land-based sales. The loosening of restrictions has translated into consumers returning in part to the standard shopping model, but not forgetting the one that does not require them to leave home. According to the ‘E-commerce 2022’ report, the percentage of internet users who say they buy online has stabilised and now stands at 77 per cent. Three quarters of them use only the services offered on Polish business websites, which is extremely important information for the domestic online market.

In the light of this knowledge, it is worth taking care of proper positioning, reading consumer trends and online visibility. An event tailored to these requirements is the eTrade Show at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

eTrade Show – dedicated to professionals

The eTrade Show is an event that integrates the e-commerce sector. Throughout its five editions, it has gained recognition both in the domestic environment and abroad, presenting not only Polish market requirements but also foreign needs. This has helped participants decide to make new business contacts, expand their cooperation and open up to new markets, which greatly appreciate Polish innovations.

During the event, topics covered included online security, search engine secrets, effective advertising and online marketing, rejecting objections, recovering customers from the shopping cart, and business development in the social media space. This, combined with the broad industry scope of the exhibition zone (analytical tools, customer service, logistics, SEO, SEM, marketing agencies, international sales, software providers, digital payment), translated into positioning the event among the most substantive in Poland.

Sixth edition of the eTrade Show

The sixth edition of the eTrade Show will be held on an even grander scale than before. Adapted with great care to the requirements of business, the spaces of Ptak Warsaw Expo will be prepared to welcome several hundred exhibitors and several thousand visitors. During the event, there will be time both to have an intimate conversation with potential customers and to take part in discussions about the future of this service sector. All to contribute to the development of the e-commerce industry.

Don’t wait and register today! Visit to receive a free invitation to the show and to find out how to become an exhibitor. See you on 2-4 March 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo!

Cinkciarz Pay - the perfect online payment method

Cinkciarz Pay - the perfect online payment method

Fast system integration, thanks to ready-made modules; collaboration with a reliable partner with over 10 years of experience in the Polish market; the ability to accept payments in multiple currencies – these are some of the advantages of Cinkciarz Pay, a proprietary payment system available on the portal.

Cinkciarz Pay cannot be pigeonholed solely within the realm of currency exchange. The method can be chosen for everyday transactions, for payments in PLN. Its utility and quality recommendation can be seen in the interest of thousands of e-commerce industry representatives.

What do store owners appreciate?

From a seller’s perspective, Cinkciarz Pay means, among other things, collaboration with a reliable partner operating in the market since 2010. The main advantages of the system include: price (competitive rates for individual methods starting from 0.2%), fast integration with ready-made modules, special conveniences for sellers abroad by accepting payments in multiple currencies and local payment methods. also provides detailed technical documentation and specialist support at every stage of system integration or collaboration. Therefore, all that’s needed is to register by creating a free account on the portal and, following the instructions step by step, be guided through the entire process to implement Cinkciarz Pay into your store.

What do store customers appreciate?

Online shoppers, on the other hand, can choose Cinkciarz Pay, placing their trust in a brand with which they have likely interacted before, exchanging currencies, sending money abroad, or using a popular multi-currency card.
By selecting Cinkciarz Pay in an online store, customers can, in just a few clicks and without additional fees, pay for selected items on the same terms as with popular payment integrators, using one of many quick, secure, and convenient payment methods.’s proprietary method also works with the useful “payment link” option, allowing the generation of links for online payments. Cinkciarz Pay enables payments through: fast online transfers, BLIK, credit cards (including Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and many others.

4 conference stages and more than 80 companies in the industry. The 5th edition of the eTrade Show is now behind us.

40 speakers, over 80 companies from the e-commerce industry, and more than 2,400 participants. The 5th edition of eTrade Show was packed with valuable knowledge and business meetings.

On March 10th, the 5th edition of the e-commerce event took place at PGE Narodowy. On the stages, we had speakers like Sebastian Horoszko, Paweł Borowik, Olga Pijanowska, Radosław Tyszko.
In today’s e-commerce landscape, it’s crucial to stay up to date and continually check the latest developments in the industry. Events like eTrade Show provide an opportunity to familiarize oneself with market innovations and exchange experiences among participants.
During eTrade Show V, participants had the chance to discover technological novelties, industry solutions, and receive partnership offers that could later evolve into long-term business activities.

The Most Knowledgeable Industry Event

Experts in e-commerce led sessions, guiding participants through Customer Experience. Topics ranged from order processing automation, discussed by Aleksander Melech, to international expansion, introduced by Olga Pijanowska.
Robert Sosnowski discussed actions that evaluate the effectiveness of influencer activities.
There were also topics related to SEO – Maciej Grad, CRM and RMA tools – Kacper Dyba. Tomasz Szymański delved into the topic of tokenization in practice.
Participants had the opportunity to learn about WP Ads, which are new advertising possibilities, a topic introduced by Marcin Czeczot.
The full agenda of the 5th edition of the event is available on the website

Business Matchmaking

Participants also had the chance to explore offers from over 80 companies located in the exhibition area. Everyone in attendance was connected through an application, making it easy to establish relationships.

2nd Edition of eTrade Awards

On March 10th, the final of the industry competition eTrade Awards took place at PGE Narodowy. The awards were presented on the Main Stage of the event. The competition’s final was conducted through online voting.
In the category of the best e-commerce software, IDEA Commerce emerged as the winner. In the category of the best online store, the company Strix won with their Husse store project. The award for the best digital service provider went to Grupa ICEA.

Congratulations once again to all the eTrade Awards winners.

We encourage you to stay updated on the event. More information about the 6th edition will be available soon!

We would like to thank the Sponsors and Partners of the event:

Gold Sponsor: Edison
General Partner: Implemo
General Partner: SellPander
Strategic Partner: CENEO
Silver Sponsor: PrestaShop
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